By | July 7th, 2015

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As you read through our launch site, you'll find 16 excellent assets. Slightly more than half provide insightful thought leadership on a range of topics including: analytics, business process management, maximizing your Salesforce data, and retaining employees. They'll provide you with deep background for understanding the challenges businesses are facing today, and how to thoughtfully and successfully apply solutions. The remaining assets go beyond basic thought leadership to help you consider specific vendor solutions to solve today's business challenges.

As site editor, I will be your guide to the content currently hosted, as well as the stream of new content to come. I'll help you identify the content of interest to your current business needs with both overviews of trends and some deeper dives into specific topics. Stop back every couple of weeks to read my latest post.

So, let's dive in. There's an important theme common to many of the assets on the site: digital business. Here are five digital business trends and why they are key to your future business success.

1. Engaging and Retaining Employees

You've probably heard the maxim that it costs more to replace an employee than it does to retain them. But let's put a finer point on it: a company with 10,000 employees can typically expect an annual loss cost of $41. 3 million! Staggering, no?

Even if your company can beat these odds, it should be absolutely clear that employee retention is key to your business success. In the white paper A Crash Course For Building Employee Retention , you'll get the details behind the example, plus learn how to:

  • Prepare for increasingly competitive talent acquisition as the economy improves.
  • Provide the tools and guidance so that managers can promptly recognize employee accomplishments.
  • Reduce employee turnover with 12 surefire tips.

2. Digital Collaboration Spaces

A recent study by Gallup found that disengaged employees cost the U.S. an estimated $450 to $550 billion. In that study, one leading factor was a new generation of workers, with new skills but also new expectations from their employers. Workers today are mobile and expect the same types of tools in their work life as they use in their personal life: easy to use anywhere, whether in the office, at home or on the go.

Engagement, at its core, is about people interacting productively. Businesses need to provide employees with a "digital space" that:

  • Facilitates both 1:1 and group conversations.
  • Uses blogs and videos over traditional newsletters to drive engagement.
  • Helps employees use mobile devices to continue conversations while on the go.

Finding the right middle ground between face-to-face interaction and digital communications is key to keeping your employees engaged. To learn more, download Every Screen is a Desk in the Featured section of the site.

3. Digital Signatures

Electronic signatures on documents have become standard at most progressive companies. Yet many enterprises are still locked in the past with faxes or overnight paper document deliveries.

Once you've learned the recommended process and best practices for adopting e-signatures, you'll quickly see the business benefits (and ROI) including:

  • Accelerated Sales—decreased time to revenue and increased closure rates.
  • Simplified employee transactions—speedup onboarding and make policy acknowledgements simple.
  • Streamlined legal and procurements—automated nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts and confidential business agreements.

Download ESIGN Act: A Well-Established Law Enabling Business Transformation Today from the featured section to learn more.

4. Mobile Payment Solutions

Even just a few years ago, taking credit card payments required a complex setup and costly devices, making it affordable only to businesses with enough volume. But the world of smartphones, tablets and apps has quickly made mobile payment processing affordable and easy. In fact, if your business is not able to take mobile payments, you could be losing sales and greater customer loyalty.

Get a complete overview of what to look for—and what to avoid—in a mobile payments solutions by downloading Mobile payments for business: The what, Why, and How.

5. Digital logistics tracking

GPS technology is a no-brainer for the logistics of your business by helping control costs, improving productivity and making everyone's jobs safer, easier and more efficient. So what's the biggest obstacle? It's your drivers.

Fleet drivers involved in a tracking system deployment may have concerns about how technology will impact their jobs and day-to-day work, as well as feeling like "Big Brother" is always watching.

Discover how to overcome your drivers' fears and make your GPS tracking solution a success. Download Get the Most Out of GPS Tracking by Communicating the Benefits to Your Drivers.